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The Visucate programs was created after a lengthy period of research. {rimrily the research focused on visual literacy in the classroom, after realizing how large andimportant the many benefits to visual literacy are, Visucate shifted to focus on the relationship to learning styles and the impact that knowledge of learning style can have on a student.

Visucate provides information for its participants so they can better understand the program concepts.

Currently, only 18% of public schools in the United States have some type of visual art program being actively taught...

The depletion of art programs in public schools is based mainly on the belief that art doesn’t provide practical application outside of the classroom. While some art programs do struggle to highlight the importance of art, there are only a few concepts that are taking art in the direction that will help students use the information from their studies outside the classroom. Visual literacy is one of these concepts.

The importance of programs that teach how to practically apply art concepts are beginning to take shape as the media rapidly gives reason to form a resistance. By understanding how the media creates consumers, one
can, through a good understanding of persuasive mechanisms, form a resistance to the media’s powers. Visual literacy can help students become more aware of their individual learning styles and of those around them.

This knowledge base is now being seen as a necessity in educational environments to support collaborative learning. Visual literacy gives people the ability to communicate in one universal language, which is needed to bridge cultural gaps in our environment.

The education of visual literacy needs to be implemented in primary and secondary education so that students are leaving school with a way to manage themselves in a world that is overly visually consumed. Visually literate youth in primary and secondary schools will develop into a population of individuals able to manage in a world that is powerfully visually based.



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