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Visual Literacy
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Learning Styles
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Learning Styles Explained
This page provides an explanation of what learning styles and multiple intelligence are all about, an interactive assessment of your learning style/MI, and practical tips to make your learning style work for you.

VARK: A Guide to Learning Styles
A resource with information on the given styles and testing information.

Learning Styles: University of Minnesota Duluth
You have probably noticed that when you try to learn something new that you prefer to learn by listening to someone talk to you about the information. Some people prefer to read about a concept to learn it; others need to see a demonstration of the concept. Learning Style Theory proposes that different people learn in different ways and that it is good to know what your own preferred learning style is.

Four Learning Styles
This DVC online guide is designed to help you become a more successful student. It includes a Learning Style Survey that will help you identify your learning style. It also includes learning strategies that will help you study in a productive manner, one that matches your unique learning style.

Online Learning Styles Inventory
The Learning Styles tests, Analytical/Global Thinker Test, and the Multiple Intelligences Assessment avaliable on this site are intended to help you come to a better understanding of yourself as a learner by highlighting the ways you prefer to learn or process information.

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