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Visucate is an innovative program dedicated to the use of visual literacy in elementary schools to educate the entire classroom population. The program itself exists to demonstrate to educators that visual literacy can incorporate each students learning style into each activity that is conducted in class. Visucate not only incorporates the student’s learning style more effectively into the classroom but also initiates a collaborative classroom for both teachers and students, who can share activities and activity results through an online forum. Visucate also educates teachers on how to teach students to be aware of the way in which they learn; to acquire self-knowledge and therefore continue to educate them selves beyond the classroom. Visucate also demonstrates how the visual arts can find a new place in public schools, helping incorporate arts into everyday activities will help students thrive creatively and use these skills in problem solving, communication and collaboration.

Visual literacy has the potential to form activities that incorporate all three learning styles: audio, visual and kinesthetic. The incorporation of multiple learning styles into one activity increases a classes’ potential and benefits each student on an individual level. Incorporating visual literacy into classrooms allows teachers to manage their students more effectively because the percentage of students being incorporated into activities would increase because they would be taught in their style.




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